Rethink Strategy

The Challenge: Management in Times of Uncertainty

Our world is becoming more and more complex, but management approaches are not adapting in the needed pace. Clinging to familiar patterns is leading organizations to repeatedly stumble over the same obstacles while missing the opportunities that rise ahead.


Our approach - Systemic Management

The unique operational knowledge that exists in any organization can become a resource for innovation and leadership. Using Fundamental learning processes by re-framing the existing knowledge organizations can escape non-adaptive patterns and forge ahead. We are implementing these tools through training, management consulting processes and custom workshops:


DoAlogue Team

יובל הולצמן

Yuval Holtzman

Development of learning processes and promoting innovation

Certified Organizational Consultant, former head of human resources and training staff at the Reut Institute, and an analyst in the socio-economic team. Yuval has an extensive experience in group facilitation and promotion of innovative approaches of learning. Mentor at the Ramon SpaceLab project.

יותם הכהן

Yotam Hacohen

Development of strategic thinking processes and change management

Former head of the National Security Strategy team at the Reut Institute and a team member in the science and Technology effort. Served as an officer in elite units at the IMI. Has a broad experience in developing technologies for managing and sharing of knowledge in organizations. Yotam has a Wide philosophical background

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